RAM Saver Pro 18.0

RAM Saver Pro 18.0

WinTools Software Engineering – 0.7MB – Shareware – Windows
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Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster. It increases the operation system performance by making more memory available for your applications. RAM Saver Pro will: - defragment system memory for faster access time; - increasing the efficiency of your CPU and Motherboard caches; - recover memory leaks from poorly behaved applications; - temporarily flush unused libraries out to disk and so on. Using these optimization tricks will help your favorite applications and games run faster and more efficiently - even on old computers. Main program features: - System Tray monitor; - Desktop RAM monitor; - Desktop CPU Usage monitor; - specialized Control Panel; - professional memory monitoring; - flexible memory optimization with complete statistics output; - RAM benchmark test; - monitoring and control over the processes which take place in the memory; - possibility to create boosted shortcuts; - common and advanced options; - automatic and intelligent optimization; - fast run of tools; - forced cleaning of Clipboard; - possibility to close all programs for full memory release by one click; - control over Windows uptime; - suppressing and fast running of screen savers; - check the presence of disk in CD-ROM drive in the moment of computer shut down; - manipulating with desktop icons; - forced shut down and restart of computer; - fast access to Control Panels; ...


RAM Saver Pro 是在由WinTools Software Engineering开发类别 System Utilities Shareware 软件。

它是由我们客户端应用程序更新期间的最后一个月的用户更新 94 次进行检查。

最新版本是 RAM Saver Pro 的 18.0 2018/02/08 上释放。 它最初被添加到我们的数据库 2007/08/27 上。 最流行的版本是 17.9,100% 的所有安装使用。

RAM Saver Pro 在下列操作系统上运行: Windows。 下载文件的大小 0.7MB。

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